First off- congratulations to Taylor Conklin and Georgie West! You both win an autographed copy of Defining Moment before it’s released. Please send your address to and I will get the books out asap 🙂

Now onto the answers…

How did Stephanie and Jack find out they were pregnant with Sabrina?

Brittany told them before Tommy took her home to recover from being attacked in the woods.

When and where did Tommy first meet John? What was his reaction to meeting someone from Brittany’s past?

They met in Germany after Bill was brought there. He didn’t like John because of how he reacted to Brittany. He called Jack to help him relax 🙂

How did David first meet Desi?

Nobody got this one right- he met her at the farm after Bee broke his heart. He kicked over the hay and she came in and yelled at him.

What were the names of the swingers Brittany and Tommy met while at the Poconos? When did they make another appearance?

Jimmy and Perla. They made another appearance when everyone went to the Poconos. They liked Tommy’s “assets” and they rejected Jack as a joke.

When did Elaine first meet Jade?

Mike brought her with him after Elaine took a fall. Mike and Jade were just beginning their romance.

Who was with Stephanie when she went into labor with Tessa?

Evan, Tommy and Naomi.

More later! I have a special flashback to post.

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