Welcome to the Family by Choice Series


Welcome to the Family by Choice home page!

I hope you like reading, because this series never quits. This page will give you a little information about the family and what to expect while reading the series.

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The series revolves around three core couples and their trials and tribulations. Throughout the series, we have welcomed more couples and more extended family, but to begin, I’ll explain a little about the start of the series.

Nothing Matters is the prequel to the series. It is where we are introduced to Jack and Stephanie, one of our core couples. Jack finds Stephanie on the ledge of the hospital roof and she is ready to jump. What begins as a chance meeting, turns into a powerful love story that is carried through the entire series.  Jack and Stephanie are both running from things in their lives which have tested them, and they are learning, that when love comes to you, it’s best to take a minute and realize your blessings.

To learn more about Nothing Matters and If Only, please click the book covers.

1 prequel Nothing Matters1 If only

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10 Responses to Welcome to the Family by Choice Series

  1. I love your stories. I am so addicted to them actually!

  2. Jodie Anderson

    I am waiting for book three to come and going crazy wondering what happens next!

  3. I received book #1 free from the NMSS newsletter. So, I read it thinking it would be yet another book about people with MS. Boy, was I wrong. Read it in one day and started following your website.
    Book #9 has become my favorite. Mainly due to Stephanie & Jack becoming a focal point. The day after reading the elevator incident with Stephanie’s MS reaction, the A/C in my home went out. As the house got hotter my MS reaction became a major issue. My body was reacting exactly as Stephanie’s did. After about 24+ hours, we finally had the bad part replaced. I will reread #9 again. Your expert understanding of the character’s issues is so right on. Keep up the great writing.

    • nadlersnovels

      I’m so glad you are doing better. I have MS and I try my best to give it the attention it deserves and not focus on how it effects me all the time. Sometimes I have really bad days and the heat is a major trigger for me. I write Stephanie much the same way- she is always aware of her disease, but she likes to make sure it doesn’t change how she lives her life. Like me, when circumstances show up, this disease can be so cruel. I hate how it strikes at the worst possible times. I also like to show that Stephanie is so much more than her MS- like we all are.

      Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Daniel Toole

    I have read all of the Family By Choice novels and have enjoyed every one [Just started One FinalKiss}. I have a question; when you refer to Bill’s boss don;t you mean colonel instead of corporal. The later rank is lower than a sargent. http://www.military.com

    • nadlersnovels

      Which book are you referring to? Bill doesn’t become a Sergeant until book 5. I will definitely go back and check that I have it right. Thank you so much for letting me know:) I’m glad you are enjoying the series:)

  5. Novelistic

    Robin Nadler,
    Thank you for offering Family by Choice Compilation ebook for free on Amazon today. I love collections (a “1-Stop Shop”). What caught my eye was the cover. Thank you for not following other author covers for collections by making it a 3-D box with just the side of the books visable. I love and am drawn to the cover 1st. Your book covers are beautiful and eye catching. Because the cover was not the usual box set design, I stopped to look closer. Great job. I look forward to reading this series. Again, thank you!

  6. I knew you were a great woman, but seeing you with your dog proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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