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I hope you like reading, because this series never quits. This page will give you a little information about the family and what to expect while reading the series.

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The series revolves around three core couples and their trials and tribulations. Throughout the series, we have welcomed more couples and more extended family, but to begin, I’ll explain a little about the start of the series.

Nothing Matters is the prequel to the series. It is where we are introduced to Jack and Stephanie, one of our core couples. Jack finds Stephanie on the ledge of the hospital roof and she is ready to jump. What begins as a chance meeting, turns into a powerful love story that is carried through the entire series.  Jack and Stephanie are both running from things in their lives which have tested them, and they are learning, that when love comes to you, it’s best to take a minute and realize your blessings.

Family By Choice Series

Prequel – Nothing Matters
Book 1 – If Only
Book 2 – Love Endures
Book 3 – The Unexpected
Book 4 – Darkness
Book 6 – Courage Lies Within
Book 7 – Thundering Silence
Book 8 – A Son’s Anguish
Book 9 – One Final Kiss
Book 10 –  No Surrender
Book 11 – Our Legacy
Book 12 – The Unthinkable
Book 13 – Heartbroken
Book 14 – Breaking Point
Book 15 – A Father’s Heart
Book 16 – My Strongest Weakness
Book 17 – Red
Book 18 – Left Behind
Book 19 – His Heart
Book 21 – Shattered
Book 22 – Defining Moment
Book 23 – Our HeroComing March 27, 2017


Beautiful Disaster Series

(Family By Choice Series Prequels)

Beautiful Disaster – Beautiful Disaster Part I
A Forever Love – Beautiful Disaster Part II


Family By Choice Compilations

Family By Choice Compilation – Books 1-5
Family By Choice Compilation – Books 6-10
Family By Choice Compilation – Books 11-15
Family By Choice Compilation – Books 16-20
Beautiful Disaster Compilation – Books 1-2


Standalone Titles