Trivia part two

Okay, here are the questions for night two of trivia! I don’t know why the replies from day 1 aren’t showing up, but I will copy and paste them if I can’t figure it out. In the meantime, Here you go!

  1. What were the names of the swingers Brittany and Tommy met while at the Poconos? When did they make another appearance?
  2. When did Elaine first meet Jade?
  3. Who was with Stephanie when she went into labor with Tessa?

This is just a question…

  1. Who do you feel are the most romantic of all the characters?

One thought on “Trivia part two

  1. 1. Pearl and jimmy. When they all went back in book 4
    2. When she and mike were out and got a call that she got hurt
    3.toomy and evan

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