Round 2!

Okay, here we go! All responses should be working…

Let me know your answers…

Question 1:

When Jack first met Stephanie, why wasn’t she able to sleep inside?

Question 2:

How did Tommy and Jack meet?

Question 3:

When did Brittany meet Courtney?

Question 4:

When did Julie first learn of Bill’s abusive father?


5 thoughts on “Round 2!

  1. 1 Stephanie had been trapped inside the burnin house with Nikki and couldn’t save her.
    2. 6 yr old Tommy ran away from home when Julie was born, and 6 yr old Jack invited him into his yard to play.
    3. Tommy was treating her for cancer, and she helped Tommy through a problem with Brittany.
    4. When Bill tried to break up with her because he felt he was falling in love, didn’t want to be like his father.

  2. 1. due to Steph being trapped in fire with Nikki dead.
    2. Tommy ran away from home and Jack asked him to come play at his house
    3. Courney was having trouble dealing with her cancer so Tommy asked Britt to speak to her.
    4. After Billy stood Julie up because he was scared of how undeserving he was. His dad had drilled it into hiz head that he was no good.

      1. 4. Billy went home to see his Mom. Told her about Julie. His Dad went balistic, fought w/ Billy. Billy tried to cancel their dinner but Julie wouldn’t agree. She met Billy at his place. When she saw how hurt he was and depressed, etc. she convinced him to tell her his life story.

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