A little preview

A little fun from the upcoming book, “Choices”


“So you had fun?” Tommy asked Naomi after she got home.

“Yeah, Mr. Jason is nice and he doesn’t seem to be really snobby or anything.”

“He is a pretty nice guy,” Brittany smiled as she handed Tommy some coffee. “I didn’t know they were going to be there.”

“Me either,” Naomi said and blushed.

“What is it?” Tommy asked.


“Bryan was there too I take it?” Brittany asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” she said.

Tommy frowned.

“I don’t like that. You need to tell us when you’re with him.”

“But we were with Uncle E. Besides, he’s stricter than you guys are.”

“Is that right?” Tommy asked. “Good.”

She rolled her eyes and Brittany laughed.

“So I wanted to talk to you both about something,” she said.

Naomi looked at Tommy.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “But this is important.”

“What is it?” Tommy asked her.

“You know how I have had Rhonda as a patient recently, and she gave birth before you were hurt.”

“She did? I don’t remember that,” Tommy said.

“She did. They have a healthy little boy and his name is Craig.”

“That’s awesome,” he said.

“Yes, so she had talked to me before about the puppies they had.”

Both Naomi and Tommy smiled.

“Do you want to get a dog?” he asked.

“Well the puppies were all sold, but she has one dog who wasn’t sold from the litter before. He is a year old and he has some issues, so he won’t be used as a breeder. She is thinking about putting him down.”

“Why? What kind of issues?” Naomi asked.

“He has juvenile onset diabetes, which in dogs is usually an indication of underlying growth issues. He also has some behavior issues.”

Tommy raised his eyebrows and Naomi grinned.

“I want him.”

“It’s not that simple,” Brittany said. “He needs daily shots and we will have to monitor his glucose. He will need a special diet and a lot of love and care.”

“So do I,” Naomi smiled.

Tommy looked at his wife.

“What kind of behavior issues?”

“He doesn’t like anyone.”

He smiled.

“Either do we. When can he come home?”

She laughed.

“Tomorrow. I told her I needed to make sure you both were ready, and it will be on a trial basis to make sure he likes us. He is Tramp’s great nephew.”

“That’s so cool. Does he have a name?” Naomi asked.

Brittany blushed.

“Mr. Peepers.”

They were quiet.

“If he’s only a year, we can change it,” Tommy said.

“Totally,” Brittany agreed.

“Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like them,” Naomi said.

“Yeah, not a fan,” Brittany agreed.  “So we’re all good with this? You’re ready for a new dog?” she asked.

Tommy smiled and Naomi nodded.

“We need him. We aren’t complete without a dog. And I think maybe he needs us, too.”

“I agree.”

“We need to get stuff. I’ll make a list,” Naomi said.

“Okay. Should we use any of Tramp’s things?” Tommy asked.

“No. He is new to our house and I don’t want him to feel like we’re trying to make him like Tramp. He deserves his own things.”

“Okay,” Tommy said. “I think you’re right.”

They all helped make the list and Brittany was happy they were on board.

Her husband and daughter would need this.

She exhaled and smiled when they looked at her.

This was right.

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