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We all have them. In every situation, we choose how we react. Even in terrible situations, we all have the choice in how we live.

Sometimes, both choices are bad, but still, we have the right to choose.

Book 25 is about choices.

The good, bad and ugly.

I have left something sort of hanging in the background for too long and in this book, it comes to a head.


He went through something horrific when Rebecca hit him with her car and although he had loving parents who raised him, something happened during that time.

Something he could never reconcile.

When you look for answers, sometimes things are better left buried.

He wasn’t prepared for what he found and he wasn’t mature enough to handle things.

His actions after Rachel was killed and his father was hurt led to a standoff that would change everyone’s life.

This preview is a small look into what happened and how Jimmy’s choices lead to the most difficult chapter of Mike and Jade’s marriage.

Sometimes, when you have choices, it’s hard not to make the wrong one.


“You understand why we called you?” the detective asked Mike and Bill after they got to the hospital.

“Yeah,” Bill said, looking at Mike who was quiet.

“Where is he?” Bill asked.

“In the conference room.”

Mike walked to the conference room and Bill waited.

“Which room is she in?”

“Down the hall on the right.”

Bill nodded and went to the room.

Mike opened the door and saw Jimmy sitting there. He sighed and went to the table.

“What happened?” he asked as he sat down.

“Why did they call you? I told them not to.”

“What happened?” Mike repeated.

Jimmy looked at him.

“Have you ever wondered how your life got so messed up? Why you live with the circumstances you do? Why you’re so filled with anger and hate?”

Mike waited.

“What if there was someone who could answer that? Someone who was the reason you were so fucked up? Wouldn’t you want to do anything to figure it out?”

“What did you do?”

“She wouldn’t answer me. She wouldn’t tell me why she hated me. She just sat there, spewing crap about me and telling me that I was just like her.”

Mike tried to remain calm.

“What did you do?”

Jimmy stared at him.

“I tried to kill her, just like she tried to kill me.”


Bill walked into the room and saw Rebecca laying there, her wrist cuffed to the bedrail, the machines beeping as she breathed.  She looked at him and smiled.

“Michael wouldn’t even come, huh? Had to send his clean up boy?”

Bill smiled.

“He’s here.”

Rebecca’s face brightened.

“Well, then I must really be in trouble. The doctor did say I should be okay, but one never knows, huh?”

Bill stood there and didn’t say anything.

“So what’s the plan? Why are you here? What do you want?” Rebecca asked.

He didn’t say anything, just sat down and stared.

Rebecca smiled, but something about the way he was acting made her uneasy.

“I appreciate the company. It’s hard being alone for so long.”

Bill waited.

He watched and he waited.


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