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How do your students react to your writing

Well, I don’t read it with them, but it is out there:). To be honest, I’m really proud of the series and I have pictures of each book cover on my classroom wall. Because I teach mainly seniors, and I teach writing, I think it’s important to show them it’s not just my job, but writing is my passion. It gives them more ‘buy-in’ to what I try and teach them, and I like to use my experiences with revision as an example.
On a funny note, the character names are always a challenge. I have been teaching for almost 13 years, so I have had numerous names come across my class. It’s always weird when I have one named Tom or Jack- especially if they are trouble makers:)
Also- the sexual aspect of my characters is something I try to be real with. I don’t delve into anything more than I think a couple in love would do. I think the sexiness of the characters and the love they share should be explored, and I try never to shy away from that.
The thing I have had more people take issue with than anything else is having a character who is HIV + and having her a mother, sexually active and a doctor.
As far as we’ve come, we still have far to go with acceptance and tolerance. I hope the character of Brittany, and her family, help that just a little.

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  1. I believe the seniors who get you as their teacher are very fortunate. Your real life experiences as an author should be very encouraging. Maybe one day you will see a former student become a promising writter or author.

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