Answers and part three :)

Thank you for playing along! I would love more entries, too!

Here are the answers from part 2.

Question 1: What was the nickname Tommy and Brittany called Naomi before she was born? Where did it come from?

It was Olive because she was the size of an olive when they first saw her on ultra sound.

Question 2: Who helped Tommy propose to Brittany?

Courtney 🙂

Question 3: When was the first time Julie saw Bill in full military dress?

This one was hard. Julie saw him when she missed their date and went to the cemetery. He came from the Army center and was in full dress. It was in a flashback from “Love Endures”

Julie sat at the cemetery, looking at the tombstones that honored her parents. She let her tears fall as she placed a flower on each grave. Everything had seemed to be going well for her and she didn’t know why she was in such a funk. She and Bill had said their ‘I love you’s’ to each other and she was falling hard. It scared her, how much she had come to rely on him. She didn’t tell him where she was going today, she just told him there was something she needed to take care of. They were supposed to have gone to dinner after he was done with his officer training. She was just depressed, plain and simple. She missed her mom and dad and sometimes it just hit her like it happened yesterday. She wiped her tears and sighed.

“Tommy told me you might be here, Bill said, startling her.

Julie looked up and her heart beat faster. She had never seen him in full uniform. He looked simply magnificent and the green of the uniform made the blue in his eyes seem even more brilliant. He sat down next to her and she couldn’t help it, she burst into tears. He pulled her to him and held her, not knowing what was wrong, but knowing she simply needed him. She pulled away after a minute and wiped her face. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


Okay, onto part 3!

Question 1: When did each couple (Bill and Julie, Jack and Stephanie, Brittany and Tommy) first say I love you (to the other) and who said it first?

Question 2: What is Bill’s specialty in the Army? What is Mike’s?

Question 3: What is the one thing Brittany has never been able to truly overcome after her attack? Why is it such a problem for her?

Question 4: (No right answer) What do you think has been the most romantic moment for each couple?

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  1. Question 1:Book- Nothing Matters, Chapter 28.
    Jack told Stephanie he loved her when they first made love.
    Stephanie’s things from the fire had just arrived and she was looking through her stuff just remembering her time with Nikki in Paris. She read him a passage from Hamlet & Jack new they were mean’t to be.

    Book- If Only, Chapter 36.
    Tommy told Brittany he loved. Brittany wanted to go home because she felt like she was a burden to Tommy, They got into an argument he told her he loved her an Brittany didn’t want to believe him but she couldn’t fight it and told him too.

    Book- Love endures, Chapter 40.
    Bill told Julie he loved her. They were in College and her roommate Taylor was being a hater, Julie got upset set and called Tommy but got advice from Jack instead. Julie asked Bill was he dumping her, Bill was stunned and didn’t speak Julie took it the wrong way. After Bill explained everything Bill told Julie he loved her.

    Question 2: Bill’s specialty in the Army is a Sharpshooter. Mike’s specialty in the Army is a Tracker.

  2. 1.jack Stephanie the first time they were together. Tommy Brittany at Poconos when Brittany wanted to leave. Bill and Julie when Julie thought he was breaking up with her.
    2.bill leadership Mike tracking
    3. Having her photo taking because they took photos and hung them up
    .4. All the weddings

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