Trivia part two

Game 1 answers:

1.) When was Mike and Jade’s first kiss and where did it happen?

It was in book 11 “No surrender” after Mike took her home after she was poisoned. She passed out in her room and he ran to help her, ripping his shirt. She was so embarrassed and he thought it was because of his scars. It was a beautiful moment of understanding for Jade and it led to on of my most favorite kisses. She took his shirt off and told him he was beautiful before he kissed her.

2.) Which character (of the following) has been shot the most? When and where? (you might be surprised)

I was surprised when I went back ove this one. It is Jack. He was shot in book 2 from the crazy guy who came after Tommy. He was shot in book 17 “My Strongest Weakness” when Josh got to him. He was most recently shot in book 20 “His Heart” when Nick shot him. I think he has the most of all the characters.

3.) When and how did we learn Bill and Brittany were related?

We learned when John gave Brittany the letter from Nate. He hinted at it and then they had the dna test run.

4.) What did Tommy’s dad give him right before he died?

The love letter Juliana wrote for him. He wanted Tommy to know what love truly was.

Okay, on to part two!

Question 1: What was the nickname Tommy and Brittany called Naomi before she was born? Where did it come from?

Question 2: Who helped Tommy propose to Brittany?

Question 3: When was the first time Julie saw Bill in full military dress?

Question 4: What is your favorite flashback of Tommy and Jack and Julie? (This one has no right answer)

Question 5: Is there any character you want to meet who we haven’t seen yet? Anyone you miss?

Thank you and good luck!

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  1. 1. Olive, the size of the 1st ultrasound
    3. When her friends dared her to sing to him
    4.bra shopping
    5.jimmy sisters

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