I have spoken a lot about how Tramp came to be, and how he is the exact replica of my dog Mooch. What I haven’t really talked about was the inspiration for Jade’s cockatiel, Peeps.

Peeps came from my cockatiel growing up, Fluff. She was a single baby that hatched from a pair of cockatiels I had and bred for a few years during high school. The very last clutch the pair had produced only one baby, and she had a lot of trouble when she hatched.

My breeding pair, Sam and Bruce, were rehomed to a nice family and I had this sickly little bald hatchling that didn’t appear to want to give up.

We were in the middle of a move when she hatched and I had little hope for her survival. I hand fed her through the night and kept her warm and cared for through the day.

Each day we wondered if she would make it, and after a few weeks, it was clear she would.

She became our Fluff and she was the sweetest little girl we ever had. She was funny and quirky and she fit into our family perfectly.

I write Peeps as a friend to Jade and now a member of her family with Mike. Birds are not for everyone, but I have had them all my life and even though Fluff is no longer with me, I have had Tony for over 25 years and he is a trip. I adore all animals and each one has a forever place in my heart.

Thanks for asking about her and let me know if you have any more questions!

Here is “Fluff” or “Peeps”

fluff copy

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