Book 20…

This is a sneak peek at the beginning of book 20…

Enjoy! Title and cover reveal coming soon.


Bill and Julie raced behind Hope and they froze when she led them to Josie’s broken bike. Tommy called Tramp over and he sat with them.

“Oh God,” Julie said as she sank to the ground. “What does this mean? Where is she?”

Bill called Evan’s phone and he could barely keep it together.

“It’s Mike. What did you find?”

“Hope led us to Josie’s bike. It’s mangled and she’s not here. I don’t know where else to fucking look!” he cried.

“Send me a picture of the area surrounding the bike,” Mike said.

“Okay,” he said and snapped a bunch of images and sent them to Mike.

Tommy walked to his sister and helped her back up.

“Hey, look at me. We are going to find her, okay? Don’t you dare forget that.”

She looked at him and her face held an expression he had never seen.

“She’s my little girl,” Julie said brokenly.

Tommy nodded and put his arm around her.

“I know.”


David walked into the family room where Stephanie and Brittany sat. He looked at Bee and Naomi and he wiped his eyes. The FBI was in the kitchen with the police.

“I’m going to look. She’s my sister.”

“David, you can’t leave. I know you’re scared, but you need to stay here,” Stephanie said. “Uncle Jack is on his way back with Tessa, so let’s just wait for them.

“I’m not scared, I need to help. She’s my baby sister and I know I can find her.”

Brittany looked at David and she nodded.

“I know you want to help, David. I understand that more than anyone, but I also know that when there is a plan like your dad has, it’s non negotiable to listen to him. He and Mike are the very best out there and I will never doubt them. They need you to believe in them and listen to them. They will find Josie.”

David wiped his eyes and Sabrina walked up to him.

“Why don’t you sit with me and we can make a list of things that will make Josie happy after she gets home?”

David looked at her and she took his hand.

“I promise, I’ll help you get through this.”

Stephanie wiped her eyes as she watched them and David walked to the table and sat with Bee.

Elizabeth walked in and looked at them.

“Evan is still with Mike and he feels like they will be able to help. We just need to wait.”

Brittany looked at Naomi who was huddled on the couch and she moved closer to her.

“Hey, you okay? I mean I know you’re not, but is there anything else you need to tell me? I don’t want you to hide anything. If you’re feeling badly, let me know.”

She wiped her eyes and shook her head.

“I’m scared and I’m worried about everything. I’m also still so scared for Jimmy.”

Brittany smiled and pulled her close.

“How about if you hold onto me and let me try and take some of the fear away.”

Naomi snuggled against her and sighed.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too Mini Red.”


Jade helped Mike as he tried to look closer at all the pictures Bill sent. He had her scroll through them a bunch of times and he was struggling to see with just one eye, but he refused to stop.

“Can you call him again please?”

Jade dialed and Bill answered, putting them on speaker.

“Sergeant, look around and see if there are any trees that appear to be moving outside of the wind.”

Bill looked at the phone.

“You think she climbed a tree?”

“It’s possible. It’s also possible they told her if she made a sound, something bad would happen, so she may see you and not want to say anything for fear you will be hurt.”

Julie and Tommy ran to the trees.

“Josie? It’s mommy! Baby you can come down, it’s okay. We are all safe. Please say something if you can hear me!” she called out.

“Jo? It’s Uncle Tommy. We’re all here and we love you. Can you call out to us?”

They all were quiet and heard nothing.

Mike squinted at the pictures and Jade enlarged them as best she could. Evan looked with them and saw nothing.

“Sergeant, the large Maple tree with the nest in the third branch from the top, do you see it?”

Bill looked and Tommy and Julie came back over.

“I see it,” he said and pointed out the tree.

“Okay, about 65 degrees southwest, I think there might be an odd shape to the ground, like maybe a mound of dirt or an opening to something?” Mike said.

The adults ran over and saw what Mike meant. It was a freshly dug mound of dirt.

“Oh God! Did they bury her?” Julie cried as they started digging.

“Stop!” Mike said. “It’s probably a decoy. Look the opposite direction and see if there is anything closed off. Are there any cabins or garbage cans or any kind of shed.”

Tommy took Tramp and walked him to the area when suddenly, Hope and Tramp both barked and ran to a small shed none of them had seen. Bill ran after them and pulled open the door to the small shed.

To be continued…

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