Thank you flashback!

As a thank you for the amazing opening week of Heartbroken, here is a never before published flashback. I will be doing a few fun things later this week and let you all in on a surprise coming. Stay tuned!

This flashback takes place a few days after the Tommy and Julie’s parents died.

(The past)

Tommy was overwhelmed by all of the people who were in his house and he felt the sick feeling that seemed to have settled in the pit of his stomach. He was grateful for Jack and how he kept most of the people away from him. He just had nothing left to give.

“Excuse me, Thomas Williams?” a woman walked up to him as he sat in the empty kitchen.

“Yes, were you a friend of my parents?” Tommy stood up and tried to smile.

“Actually, I’m with the State. I’m here to take Julie to the foster home.”

Tommy felt the pit that was in his stomach begin to churn. He worried it was about to make an appearance.

“She isn’t going anywhere with you. She is staying with me. My best friend is in the other room and he is going to help me. We will take care of her,” Tommy said.

“That’s simply not advisable. You and your friend are barely legal yourselves. I need to do what is in the best interest of the child. We will go through the will, but it doesn’t appear your parents have left any specific instructions. In matters such as these, when there is a sudden death of both parents, the State is called to take the minor into custody.”

Tommy crossed his arms and glared at the woman.

“You said we’re barely legal, and you’re right, but we are in fact, legal. You think I am going into this with no knowledge of what it means and you’re wrong. I am of legal age and Julie is my blood relative. It is always advisable to keep a child with a relative and for her, that’s me. I have an appointment with a lawyer for next week and we will begin the paperwork for full guardianship. You are not taking her anywhere. Nobody will take her away from her home and her family. I am respectfully asking you to get out of my house.”

The woman sighed.

“I need to be sure she will be safe.”

“What do you need from me? We have shelter and food and clothes. She will be fine.”


“I would like to speak with her,” the woman said.


“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”


“Why? Do you think she will tell me something you don’t want me to know?”


He was disgusted.


“No, I think she will be upset and hurt and scared and worried. Our parents are gone and you are going to threaten her with leaving the only home she knows. I am worried about her mental state.”


“It’s okay, Tommy,” Julie said as she walked into the kitchen. “I’ll answer anything you want.”


The woman smiled at Julie and Tommy sighed.


“Please give us some privacy,” the woman said to him.


“No. Her safety is my concern and I don’t know you.”


Julie looked at the woman and smiled.


“I want to stay here with my brother, so you can leave.”


“Young lady, have you thought about what it will be like, day to day, to be with your brother?”


“Well no, because up until last week, my parents were here. What I do know, is that Tommy loves me and he is my family. He came from college to tell me what happened and he hasn’t left my side since. He is going to be a doctor, and he is caring and nice and very smart. I think those are the things you need to be a home for someone. Besides, I love him and he loves me. No foster home will give me that,” she moved and held Tommy’s hand in hers.


The woman smiled and nodded.


“I will let the State know your wishes.”


Tommy watched her leave and he sat down at the kitchen table, his tears coming.


Julie walked over to him and sat down.


“Tommy? Are you okay?”


He smiled at her and nodded.


“I will be. I just want you to be okay. I just want to do right by you.”


She leaned her cheek on her hand and smiled.


“It’s who you are, Tommy. You’re my hero.”


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