Interviews of the men

Some fun for all of you. Here is an interview with all the men.

1.What song do you listen to that others wouldn’t guess or you’re embarrassed to admit?

Jack: “I’m not embarrassed by anything. I love all music and if it’s good, then I’ll listen to it.”

Tommy: “You’re so full of shit. I used to come home and you would be blasting Barry Manilow in your room. You never admitted to it, but Copacabana was your ‘go-to’ song.

Jack: “The ladies loved it. They said I was ‘sensitive’.

Tommy: “Pretty sure you played it when there was no ‘lady’ in sight.

Jack: Whatever.

Evan: “I love Barry White. I’m not embarrassed, really, but when I listen to it, I am definitely in the mood for Elizabeth.

Bill: “Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince”.

All of the men burst out laughing.

Bill: “What? I can’t help it. I used to play ‘You saw my blinker, bitch’ on repeat during high school. Besides, I always wanted to be sent to an Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air.”

Mike: “Motley Crue. Best band ever.”

2. Give me an example of something you’re afraid of. How did you overcome your fear?

Tommy looked at Jack.

“We know, you’re not afraid of anything.”

Jack (smiling): “Jealous much? I can’t help it if I’m perfect.”

Bill: I almost failed when I took my first physical for the Army.”

Mike: “Seriously?”

Bill: “Yeah. I couldn’t swim. I was terrified of the water.”

Tommy: “But you got over that, didn’t you?”

Bill: “I did. I had no choice.”

Evan: “I’m terrified of flying. I’ve never gotten over it and it bothers Lizzie.”

Tommy: “I’m afraid of driving over tall bridges. I’ll do it, but I hate it.”

Mike: “I’m afraid of snakes.”

3. “What’s the first thing you all noticed about the other’s significant other?”

We’ll start with Stephanie.

Men: “Killer figure.”

Jack: “Back off.”

They all laughed.


The men looked at Tommy and smiled.

“Amazing legs and gorgeous hair.”

“That’s my sister. Stop it,” Bill said.

Tommy grinned.

“She does have amazing legs and hair.”

“Okay, how about Julie?”

Tommy and Jack looked at the other men.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Okay, Jade.”

“Her chest,” all of the men said together.

Mike glared at them.


“Okay, let’s move on.”

They all laughed.

4. What’s the worst lie you ever told? Did you get caught?

Jack: “I told Tommy he was handsome. He found out the truth when he looked in the mirror.”

Tommy smacked his arm.

Bill: “I told Julie I loved her cooking. I was caught when it made me puke.”

Evan: “I told Elizabeth I never wanted to see her again. I’d say I got caught.”

Tommy: “I told Jack he was smarter than me. Obviously he knows that was a lie.”

Jack smacked Tommy.

Mike: “I lied about my age when I tried to join the Army the first time. I got caught and had to wait a year.”

5. What’s your favorite sex position or most unusual place you’ve had sex?

Jack: “Not with Stephanie, but probably the school gym was the most unusual.”

Bill: “The car was awesome.”

Tommy and Jack glared at him.

Bill: “We have two children. You both need to move on.”

Evan: “An airplane on the tarmac. I knew we weren’t flying, so I was good.”

Tommy: “In the water”

Mike: “Every moment with Jade.”

They all ‘awed’

6. What is the weirdest thing about you to most people?

Jack: “My height.”

Bill: “My blonde hair.”

Evan: “My silence.”

Tommy: “My hairy chest.”

Mike: “There is nothing weird about me.”

The men all looked at him and rolled their eyes while he smiled.


The women are next. Anything you want to know?

6 thoughts on “Interviews of the men

  1. I couldn’t stop giggling. This was terrific. It truly makes me understand the guys better, and makes me adore them even more than I already do!

    With the ladies, the first thing I think of is: “what’s your favorite dessert,” and my mind goes right to Jack & Stephanie’s “chocolate and peanuts.” 🙂

    Can you picture a chat with Jack, Bee, Tessa, and Josie? A very “out of the mouths of babes” Q&A that would be!

    A chat Peeps, Tramp, and Hope about what they think about the kids and adults would be something, too!

    Looking forward to the Ladies’ Q&A.

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