Mike and Jade

A Mike and Jade interview! Enjoy

1. Why do you two look so uncomfortable?

Mike looks at Jade and grins.

Mike: We aren’t really ‘spotlight’ people.

Jade: We like to be on the sidelines more, observe and help I guess.

2. Well then we can start there. Mike, tell me how you met Bill? Why did you pick him to learn and ‘observe’ from?

Mike: Because he was the best. I mean, at the time, I didn’t know him. I was a young recruit and he was my C.O. He treated everyone with respect, and he knew his stuff. He never stood down from a fight, but he never used violence unless he had to. He also never left anyone behind. What he did for me in Iraq, well it was beyond anything I can ever repay. What he’s done for me as a friend even surpasses that. He is the best man I know and I am privileged to learn from him.

Jade wiped her eyes and smiled at how passionately he spoke of his friend.

3. Jade, what do you think is the most important thing Mike has taught you?

Mike: Never to eat my cooking?

Jade laughed and hugged his arm.

Jade: Well, it’s no secret that I tend to have some self esteem issues.

Mike tucked her hair behind her ear and she smiled.

Jade: But with Mike, he showed me that how I was looking at myself was so wrong. Where I saw a flaw, he saw beauty. When I was embarrassed to show him my body, he unwrapped me like a present and I felt so cherished. He has given me what I have always wanted, which is unconditional love. I am truly beginning to love myself, and that is the most amazing lesson. He simply makes my world a better place.

Mike leaned in and kissed her softly.

Mike: I love you so much.

4. Mike, when did you realize you were in love with Jade?

Jade blushed

Jade: You don’t have to answer that. You probably don’t even know.

Mike: When I held her in her tent and she was so sick.

Jade looked at him.

Jade: What? When I passed out and was so gross and sweaty and sick.

Mike looked at her and stroked her cheek.

Mike: I went through so many emotions then. I was scared to death that you were missing and then I found you and you were so sick and you kept trying to cover up and hide your pain from me. I was so confused by your need to protect me from you.

Jade: I didn’t want you to have to take care of me. I didn’t want you to be turned off by me.

Mike: You were so incredibly beautiful and tender and vulnerable and I was simply in awe of what I had missed. I had been so blind and then, when we were in the tent and I was waiting for the ambulance, I held you in my arms and you said something that I’ll never forget.

Jade felt her eyes fill as she listened to him.

Jade: What did I say? I don’t remember.

Mike smiled.

Mike: You said “You’re such a good man. I always wondered what it would be like to lie in your arms.”

Jade: I said that?

Mike: You did and it was the most amazing thing. I knew, from that moment on, that I wanted to hold you forever. I wanted so much more and I couldn’t wait to show you.

Jade: I love you so much.

Mike: I love you more.


I have a little treat for you all tomorrow night.

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