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As a writer, I am always  trying to bring realism to my novels. When it comes to writing a series, I have discovered a deep understanding of the characters through the numerous trials and tribulations I have found them in. As a writing activity, and one I do with my own students, I “interview” my characters and try to get into their make up. It’s a valuable tool in order to make them more ‘human’ and it helps me to know how they would react to all kinds of situations. It’s all in fun, but I think it might shed a little light on why they do the things they do.

Here is an interview “with” Tom and Britt.

1.What do you avoid whenever possible?

Tom: (With a smile) Telling Jack how amazing he is.

Britt: (rolling her eyes) getting between a Tommy and Jack argument.

2. Do you think you are predictable?

Britt: Our life has been anything but predictable, but I think a little predictability is good. I like to know that when I come home at night, there is always someone I can talk to.

3. When are you tender?

Tom: (grinning) I’m always tender.

Britt: He is. He is the most sensitive man when it comes to caring for me. The best is that most don’t know that side of him. I love it.

4. Tom- What made you go into pediatric surgery?

Tom: I always wanted to work with kids. I guess I figured that because I lost my parents when I did and I knew what an amazing impression they left on me, I wanted to try and keep families together. I couldn’t imagine something as horrible as watching a child suffer, so I made it my job to try and stop that. I just wanted to make a difference.

5. Brittany, can you tell us where that name came from? When you changed it, why did you pick Brittany?

Tommy looked at her.

Tom: I don’t think I even know that one.

Britt: To be honest, that time in my life is such a blur. I knew that I wanted it to start with the same letter, so I looked at “B” names. I think I saw Brittany and I thought it was pretty. I didn’t want my dad to get upset since he named me Barbara, so I stayed close to that. I guess it’s not all that exciting.

Tommy held her hand and smiled at her.

6. Can you tell us how it was living in London for so many years?

Britt: I loved it. I loved the architecture and the music and I loved the anonymity I had. It was hard, when I moved there, because my dad had just died and I was never really close with my grandma before that. I was angry and lonely and then I began to see the amazing culture all around me. When my music took off, it was magical. I ended up spending a lot of time back in the States on tour, but after I stopped performing and settled down to go to college, I found a quiet comfort there. It was my home for 20 years. It saved me in more ways than one, and although I love being back here, I think I’ll always have a soft spot for London.

7. Tom, what was the craziest thing you and Jack ever did?

Tom: Aside from adopting an unruly 12 year old girl? (he laughed). Probably trying to pretend we were a couple when it benefited our situation. It was always assumed, so there were times we went with it to make the questions stop. I did hate how everyone always looked at me as having overachieved.

They all laughed.

8. Who is Naomi most like?

Britt: Her father. She is so sensitive and sweet and she is incredibly smart. Her need to make me smile is a direct result of her dad.

Tom: I would say her mother. She is loving and tender and her strength comes out in buckets. She faces every challenge head on and never lets anyone tell her what she can’t do. She is our little spitfire.

Britt: We adore her. She is the true definition of a miracle and a blessing.

Tom: Just like her mom.


Tomorrow is Jack and Stephanie! Anything you want to know?

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  1. Omg love this I would like to hear jack and Stephanie first impression of each other. Also about their girls

  2. This is fantastic. Stephanie, tell me more about your childhood. Jack, tell me more about losing your parents.
    Both, where do you see Bee and Josie in 5 yrs.

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