Thoughts on the characters

I get asked a lot about which of the characters in the series is based off of me or someone I know. That question is hard to answer for a few reasons. To be honest, I would be lying if I said the characters were completely removed from any reality, but none of them are an exact copy. I like to look at them as a mixture of the good and bad, the frustrations and the triumphs of my life and those I love.

Brittany has my hair and my love for singing. She has the strength of my mother and the compassion of my family.

Stephanie has my disease (MS) but she also has my attitude in dealing with it. She never lets it define her, but alone, in her thoughts, it creeps in and scares her.

Jack has the arrogance of my cousin, who was, and always has been the best in his field. His attitude is matched by his ability, but underneath the arrogance lies a man of true character and compassion. The dimples are a favorite of mine.

Bill has my father’s name and represents my grandfathers lifetime service to his country. His need to protect and serve is matched by his vulnerability and sadness at his upbringing. His is a story I am anxious to explore.

Julie is named for my Grandma and she was the most fiery and funny woman. She said what she felt and she loved her family more than anything. She would fight for those she loved and Julie is the embodiment of those characteristics.

Tommy is probably the closest character to me. It’s weird, when I think of it that way, but his issues are my issues. He suffered such a profound and sudden loss and the way he moved forward wasn’t that strange for me. I wrote much of Tommy’s story after losing my father after an 8 week illness. It was such a strange feeling, to be blunt, to suddenly lose that comfort, that support. It was the best tribute to my dad to live my life and move forward, like he always taught me I could. Tommy did the same thing. It was all he could do, and it saved him.

Tommy’s insecurities made him the best, most perfect match for Brittany. Their combined feelings of isolation and their need to protect their hearts made them my most favorite couple. They needed each other and after the lives they both lived, they deserved to be happy.

Tramp is my dog Mooch. He is the only exact match:-)

Bee and David are the comic relief of the womanizing father and the gentle Soldier. I love writing them and look forward to watching them grow.

Thanks for reading and following my blog. I would love your comments and feedback, and as always, your questions are welcome.

The next entry will be exploring Jack and Tommy’s friendship.

Thank you!


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