Yay! Winners

Shante and Betty- email me at Rnadler103@aol.com and let me know which paperback you would like me to sign and send to you. Any book is available- even book 13! Just send me your address and how you want it signed:)

Answers were:

When Tommy and John went to see Detective Mason, the evidence box had the pictures inside. Brittany took them and ripped them up before putting them in her purse, so it was obvious Mason replaced them from his own stash. (Book 4-The Unexpected)

When Brittany read the letter John gave her that was from her father, he told her that her mother had another child named William. It was the first time she began to wonder. (Book 5-Darkness)

And you were right! Stephanie and Jack were in a café in Paris and they saw Ron after he was shot. (Book 1 Nothing Matters)

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