Final Preview

This is a flashback to soon after Bill and Julie were married. I love writing these snippets of a time we never saw and I hope it gives insight into the relationship they have. Enjoy!


Bill sat on the blanket on the sand and watched Julie run into the water and splash her arms. She wore a tiny red bikini and her tanned skin glowed along with the shiny gleam of her new wedding band. They had been married for a few months and had gotten away for a quick weekend of camping on a secluded beach. They had been trying to get pregnant and there had been some struggles. Bill knew she was worried that the miscarriage she had suffered in the past had done more damage than they thought. He knew that wasn’t possible. She was meant to be a mother. He laughed as she danced on the beach. He could watch her for hours, her gorgeous form and her giving eyes. Her square chin and her deep dimples were the vision of pure beauty to him. He had missed her so completely while he was away and he was still amazed at how she stood by him through everything. He looked out over the water at the setting sun.

“Are you going to join me?” she asked him as she stood in the sand.

“I like watching you,” he grinned and she laughed.

“What do you like to watch?” she ran her hands over her body and he swallowed thickly.

“We are out in the open you know,” he stood up and walked to her.

“It’s dark out. No one can see us,” she led him into the water and it splashed up to their waist. “Besides, we are in a private area of the beach, all alone,” she kissed his chest.

He tilted her chin up to him and lowered his mouth onto hers as she ran her hands up and down his back. “I love you so much,” he said breathlessly as he picked up her leg and wrapped it around his waist. They kissed and touched each other for a while before she moved her leg down and ran her lips over his chest.

He moaned as she pressed her body against his and moved her hand over his back while she slipped her hand over his behind. “I love you so much,” her voice echoed over the crashing waves and he felt himself losing control.

His hands were all over her and he pressed his palms over her bikini covered body. “I’ve missed you so much,” she murmured as they walked onto the beach in the darkness. Once they were somewhat free of the water, she pulled him down onto the sand and pushed his trunks down over his buttocks.

“Shit, Julie, we’re out in the open,” he moaned as she continued to kiss him.

“It’s dark and no one is here. Please, I need you,” she groaned as he took the tie from her bikini bottoms and pulled it apart, revealing her to him. He laid on her and the waves rushed over them as they made love.

A while later, they were lying on their blanket. Both were on their backs, looking up at the stars, her head on his chest. His hand was lazily drawing circles on her stomach. “I think we made a baby,” he said.

She put her hand over his on her middle and was quiet for a minute. “I hope so. I want to have your child so much. I want to give you a house full of children.” Tears pricked her eyes.

He smiled. “How many is a house full?”

She chuckled. “I don’t care, as long as they are all just like their daddy.

“I want a little girl like her mom. I want to watch her grow up with the fire you show me every day,” he said softly.

She moved to lie next to him and he ran his fingers through her hair. “I love you so much. I hope you know that,” she said sincerely.

He tilted her chin up to him. “Of course I know that. What’s going on in your head?

She smiled and her eyes were wet. “Nothing. I’m just glad you’re home and safe and we’re married. I never want anything to change that. I want every day to be the best for you. You deserve a lifetime of love and happiness.”

He kissed her forehead. “You’re wrong, but I love how much faith you have in me.”

“I’ll just keep working until you see yourself how I see you,” she smiled.

“Good luck with that,” he grinned and rolled over onto her again.


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