Thomas Brent Williams

When I created Tommy, I did it somewhat selfishly. Of all the men in the series, he is the closest to my heart. Don’t get me wrong, all of the men are super important to me, but Tommy is different. He’s the person who says what I needed to hear. He is the man who doesn’t turn away when it gets messy. He is my hero.

The idea for Tommy came out of a need for Jack to have a sounding board. Before I ever intended to make Nothing Matters part of a series, I simply needed Jack to have a background. I needed him to have a connection to someone because I have always hated reading and watching men who don’t have real friends. Growing up, my dad had a few very close friends who were there no matter what. I grew up calling them Uncle and to this day, I know if I called, they would drop everything to help me. I have always found friends to be such an important part of who a person is, and for Jack, Tommy is that.

When the feedback began to come in from Nothing Matters, the surprise hit was Tommy. People asked me about him. I was told he needed a girl and we needed to read more about him. It was through that feedback that much of the series was born, because when I really think about it, Tommy and Britt are the heart of the series.

So I went to work on getting to really know Tommy. I knew about his back story, but the nuts and bolts of what happened were yet to be fleshed out. The story of his parent’s crash was heartbreaking, but I figured, a man who receives such a devastating call has two choices; give up or grow up.

Tommy grew up; perhaps too much at the time, but it enabled him to survive. He has always been the man we know and love, but I have always adored his vulnerability. It’s not something many see, but if he lets you close to him, it is a level of commitment that is unparalleled. He is fiercely loyal and supportive and he will never back away from those he loves.

I don’t mean to make him perfect, because he isn’t; far from it. He is deeply flawed, and his need to always “fix” things drives many people, including those who love him, crazy. He tries to be the strongest in all situations, and it is at the risk of his own well-being. I think he has grown immensely throughout the series and I adore the man he has become.

Tommy is vulnerable, intelligent, sensitive, sexy, caring, handsome and flawed. He is a best friend, a brother and a husband. He is a father to the most amazing little spitfire and he will always and forever be the love of Brittany’s life. He has earned his spot in this series and this story, and I absolutely love writing for him.


Any questions about Tommy? About anyone else? Anything character related you would like to know?

Ask away:)

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