Thoughts on friendship

Tommy and Jack’s friendship is one of my most favorite parts of this series. They are true brothers, regardless of their parents, and the way they look out for each other is a testament to their upbringing. It was important for me to have Jack go through a loss prior to Tommy losing his parents because it set up Jack’s ability to see them as his family. Tommy could not have raised Julie alone, and what Jack did by joining them helped all of them survive.

Adding the parental aspect of a 12 year old girl made for some amusing and endearing flashbacks. Julie was a handful and although she was a child, Tommy and Jack grew up with her. What started as two 18 year old boys taking care of a 12 year old girl turned into a family by choice and a forever bond.

Jack met Tommy when he ran away from home as a 6 year old boy, upset that the new pink baby girl in his house was taking all the attention. He made it down the street and found Jack playing outside, and the rest is history, or at least a great story:)

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