One More Miracle

I’m so excited to share book 26 with you.

“One More Miracle” takes  us on the continued journey of all of our family by choice members and their extended friends and family.

Here is a little preview…More info coming soon!


“I asked you to leave me alone!” Desi yelled at her mother as Cassie came in to her room to check on her.

“I heard you and you don’t need to yell. I need to see if we should go to the emergency room,” Cassie said calmly, despite her fear. “I’d like to check your temperature.”

Desi hadn’t been feeling well, which wasn’t abnormal, but she was running a fever that was worrisome. Ian had spoken to Tommy and they were watching for specific signs to know if they should take her in.

However, Desi was in a foul mood and they weren’t sure why.

It just wasn’t like her.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Desi said as her tears came. “I want to be left alone and I don’t know why that’s so hard for you and daddy to do. I’m just done with this, okay? I just want to be alone.”

Cassie took a deep breath and sat down on the desk chair in the room.

“Desi, stop yelling and look at me.”

“Fine. I’ll leave if you won’t,” Desi said and grabbed a bag before she started putting clothes inside.

“That’s enough,” Cassie said in a voice Desi wasn’t used to hearing. “Stop acting like I’m the enemy and try to see that we can’t mess with this. If there is anything happening with your health, we need to catch it early. You know that. Why are you acting like this? What is going on?”

“I can take care of myself. I’ve done it for a long time you know,” she said and glared at Cassie. “Without you here.”

“Right,” Cassie stood up and nodded. “I was gone. I missed too much and I can’t change that. What I can do is be here now and help you. I don’t understand why you’re suddenly so mad at us.”

Ian walked into the room.

“What’s going on? You guys are making the house shake.”

“I’m leaving. I want some time alone and mom won’t get out. I need to think. I need to breathe. I just want you both gone!” Desi screamed.

Ian watched as Cassie got up and walked out and he faced his daughter.

“There is never, ever a reason to speak to either one of us this way. I’m sorry you’re upset, but this isn’t the way to handle it. You know better.”

“Oh, sorry to disappoint you. Sorry I’m not handling everything the right way. Sorry I’m not perfect,” Desi said, her face hot with anger.

“Nobody is asking you to be perfect, just not so cruel. We will give you your space. No problem.”

Desi watched as he walked away and she slammed her bedroom door behind him.

This was all too much.

They didn’t understand and it broke her heart that they didn’t figure it out.

She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t think.

She couldn’t handle her life anymore.


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