Win a signed paperback!

Trivia time!

In anticipation of book 22 in a few weeks, I want to give away a signed paperback of Defining Moment before it’s available for purchase.

I will pick a winner from all of the winning answers over the next three days. Each day will have 3 questions to answer.

Today’s questions:

1.) How did Stephanie and Jack find out they were pregnant with Sabrina?

2.) When and where did Tommy first meet John? What was his reaction to meeting someone from Brittany’s past?

3.) How did David first meet Desi?

Please reply to this post with your answers!

Good luck

One thought on “Win a signed paperback!

  1. 1. In the hospital after she and Brittany were kidnapped
    2. In the hospital in Germany. He was nervous
    3. In the hospital after Katie tried to kill himself

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