A few announcements

Hi everyone! I am preparing to release the title and cover of book 21! You may have noticed a few changes to my books if you have checked Amazon lately. I am ready to reveal a new release of the entire Family by Choice series with a reworked “If Only” as book 1. “Nothing Matters” is now listed as the prequel and is not available yet, but it will be soon. There are now 4 different compilations available for purchase exclusively at Amazon. They are all a little cheaper than buying the books on their own. If you have purchased “If Only” as an e-book, you can refresh it in your library to receive the newer version. It is not much different, just a few more scenes with Tommy and Brittany and a few less of Jack and Stephanie. The rest of the series is the same, just numbered differently.

I will be slowly editing the rest of the series down a bit, just cleaning things up a little. I will let you know when there are any more changes. I am really excited for all that is to come with these characters and the series. I am super excited to share book 21 as it is different than the rest. I hope you will like it and I know it is going to bring out some serious issues that are unfortunately prevalent in the world today. I hope my perspective and the way I discuss these issues will be something that ultimately helps to inspire.

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Check back soon! Cover reveal on the way.


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