One week!

So, now that school is over (yay!) and we are a week from the release of The Hardest Goodbye, I am finally getting a chance to finish some cool posts for you.

My first will be an interview with David. He actually plays a pretty big role in The Hardest Goodbye, and his story is beginning to take off as we move forward with the series. In the meantime, what questions would you like me to ask him?

It’s kind of hard to get a 15 year old boy to talk, but I might know how to make him answer a few questions. Maybe his sister can pop in for a question or two…or maybe Sabrina?

Anyway, let me know what you want to know 🙂

I can’t wait 🙂

2 thoughts on “One week!

  1. How do you see yourself in the future? What subjects in school do you havs trouble with or excel in?. Play any sports?

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