A little laugh…

Here is another small snippet from “The Hardest Goodbye”. I hope you like it. I will try to have an interview up this week.


Bill went into the laundry room and put a clean towel in the dryer after they got home. David came in and looked at him.

“What?” Bill shrugged.

“The laundry is done. Why did you put a dry towel in the dryer?”

“Because your mom is in the shower.”

“So? She has towels in her bathroom.”

“So much to learn,” Bill grinned. “You see, your mom has had a rough few weeks, we all have, but she has been really worried. Now she is finally home and it’s my most important job to make her feel loved and cared for.”

“So you’re doing laundry that’s already been done?”

Bill shook his head.

“What happens when you come out of the shower?”

David thought about it and then his face lit up.

“I’m cold and wet.”

“Exactly. What would be the best thing right then?”

“A warm snugly towel,” David said.

“A warm snugly towel. When your mom comes out of the shower, I am going to wrap her in a warm towel.”

“Do all girls like that?”

Bill raised his eyebrows.

“No. Only when you’re married. You should never know anything about a woman taking a shower unless you’re married.”

David rolled his eyes.

“Yes sir.”

The dryer rang and Bill pulled the towel out.

“Now will you go help Josie with her homework while I take care of your mom?”

David winked.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Bill almost dropped the towel.

“What the heck does that mean?”

He grinned.

“Just messing with you.”

Bill shook his head and glanced at his teenage son as he walked to the bedroom.

Julie was finishing her shower when Bill came into the bathroom. He waited for her to turn the water off and when she pulled open the door, he held the warm towel out for her.

She looked at him and her tears spilled over her cheeks as she walked into his arms, the warm towel feeling like heaven.

“Shh,” he said as he rubbed her body. “It’s okay.”

She looked up at him and pulled him to her for a searing kiss, her neediness evident and he responded in kind to her passion. She wrapped her arms around him and the towel fell to the floor as his hands snaked to her behind.

“I need you,” she said as she fumbled with his pants, finally finding the zipper and reaching her hand to stroke him through the material of his briefs.

“God I’ve missed you,” he said as he pulled his shirt off and turned to make sure the door was closed to the bedroom. Julie went to the bed and pulled the covers back, crawling in and beckoning to him.

He dropped the rest of his clothes and moved to her, pressing his body to hers and groaning as she pulled him to her. They made love with passion and intensity that surprised both of them.

“Damn,” she said as he lay on his back, both of them breathing heavily.

“I would have liked to take my time, but you just drove me wild,” he grinned.

“Mom, dad, David won’t let me have a snack,” Josie burst in the room with David right behind her.

Bill froze and Julie pulled the blanket up and made sure they were covered.

“Are you sick? Why are you in bed? It’s not even dinner yet,” Josie said worriedly.

David looked at his parents and a repulsed look came over his face.

“Oh, gross,” he said. “Josie, come on.”

He tried to lead her out of the room.

“Are you sick like Uncle Jack and Uncle Tommy?” she cried.

“They aren’t sick,” David said with another look of disgust. “Come on and let’s get a snack. You’re too young for this.”

He led her out and they heard him try and explain why adults sometimes take a nap.

Bill lay back and looked at the ceiling.  Julie looked at him and they both burst out laughing.

“They are going to need therapy,” Bill said laughing.

“Well at least we were done,” she said. “Sometimes a quickie is a good thing.”

He looked at her and she leaned in to kiss him.

“Get dressed, I’ll go assess the damage,” she said and jumped up, pulling on her clothes and brushing her still wet hair.

Bill shook his head and laughed.  This was going to make for a fun story, someday. Right now, he was not looking forward to having to face his son.

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