Red…a look ahead

It’s been a little over a month since Red came out and I hope you are happy with the direction I am taking the series.

So much happened with all of the characters in this last installment, that I truly wanted to make sure they all came to a logical end before we jumped ahead with life.

Moving the series nine years into the future allowed me to bring a new look to the family by choice. The couples are still going strong, and now the kids are becoming their own individuals. They aren’t old enough to be leaving home, but they are old enough to lead stories on their own.

I have a lot of ideas about where to take the stories and with the kids being older, their dynamic within the family adds a whole new element.

That doesn’t take away from the incredible bond each couple has, and if anything, it brings more humor and love to the story.


A little chart to help you out:

Before we moved forward:                                                                     9 years later:

Jimmy:    4 yrs.                                                                                          Jimmy: 13 yrs.

David:      4 yrs.                                                                                          David: 13 yrs.

Sabrina:    4 yrs.                                                                                         Sabrina:  13 yrs.

Naomi:     3.5 yrs.                                                                                       Naomi: 12.5 yrs.

Josie:       3  yrs.                                                                                           Josie: 12 yrs.

Tessa:      2.5  yrs.                                                                                        Tessa: 11.5 yrs.

Sara and Eden: 5 months                                                                          Sara and Eden: 9.5 yrs.

Kevin:    4 months                                                                                       Kevin: 9 yrs.


I’ve been super busy recently, but I have been writing like crazy and am so excited to share book 19 info with you.  I will be able to share some information shortly and in the meantime, I would love to hear what your thoughts were on “Red”.

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