So, it’s been a week…

It’s been a week since “Red” was released. Have you finished? What do you think? Any questions? If you read it and have a minute, a review on Amazon or Goodreads would be awesome.

In the meantime, here is another favorite scene…


“Julie was really shaken up about Tommy and Jack,” she began.

“Why? What happened to Tommy and Jack?” he asked worriedly.

“Oh, sorry, Tommy attacked the doctors who tried to do something to Brittany and then Jack attacked the doctor for sedating Tommy when it almost killed him,” she stopped and saw Mike’s expression.

She smiled at him.

“Tommy is stable and Jack is okay. I helped Jack after they got Tommy into a room. I have worked enough ER shifts that it was simple to get back into that. I got him in a gown and started an IV and Jack was able to order the right meds and he should be okay after a nice sleep. Brittany was with him and Stephanie was helping Jack. Everything is calm for now.”

Mike was quiet for a minute.

“Wow,” he said.

“I know. Julie was really struggling and it kind of made me think about the fact that I never had anyone in my life that I was that close to. I guess it just hit me. I wonder if never having any connections has made me too damaged.”

“What? No way,” he said passionately. “There is nothing about you that’s damaged.”

“I know, it’s just that sometimes it hits me, how different my life was growing up.”

“I know, but now I think it’s simply my job to make sure you never feel alone again.”

She nodded and then smiled at him as his expression changed.

“What is it?”

“Nothing,” he walked a little. “You undressed him?”


“Tommy,” he said.

“Oh, well I wouldn’t say that. I helped get him into a gown. It’s not like I looked at him or anything.”

Mike was jealous and he knew it. Why on earth was he jealous of this?

“Mike? It’s my job. When you’re in that setting, it’s not really about looking at anything. It’s just helping the patient.”

He blushed and smiled.

“I know. It’s just that everyone in this group is so much better looking than I am. I guess I worry.”

She was stunned.

“What? Worry that I would look at someone else? How could I? I am in love with you.”

He adored how she said it so matter of factly and she truly didn’t understand how he could even think it would be a possibility. He also loved that, for her, it wasn’t.

“I know,” he walked to her and his eyes were wet. “I guess I just have some insecurities. I don’t really match up to the accomplishments of everyone else. I just don’t want you to regret being with me.”

She moved to pull his t-shirt off and she ran her hands over his chest.

“I love you. You have done so much in this world that inspires me and those around you. You have protected our country and saved our friends. You love me and you are a survivor. What you’ve been through would turn the strongest person off from love and I am so grateful you have decided to give it a chance again with me. You are the sexiest and the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on.”

“You’re wrong,” he said. “What happened to me had nothing to do with love. The first and only woman I have ever loved is standing right here,” he pulled her shirt off and she looked up into his eyes.

“The way you look at me is something I wished for my whole life. It’s like you see the man I always wanted to be. You can’t know how much that means to me.”

She took his hand and walked to the tub.

“You make me feel beautiful, Mike. More importantly, you make me feel worth this life.”

He watched as she took the rest of her clothes off and he did the same. They got into the tub and she sat back against him, his arms holding her.

“You are worth it all,” he said as she turned and kissed him.

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  1. Is it strange that while reading Red, I came across a Mike/Jade segment that made me go back to Breaking Point to re-read their story, and I’ve been reading that, and Heartbroken? It’s not the first time I’ve done that…gotten a new book and found something in it that reminded me of something from an earlier book in the series and I went back and re-read the books before that! They are all just that good that re-reading them is a pleasure!

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