A little cuteness for you

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Bill left work a little early and picked David up from school. He wanted to go shopping and have a nice dinner ready for Julie and Josie. They had gone to the grocery store and were now putting everything away.

Well, he was, David was playing with Hope.

“David? Can you help daddy make dinner?”

“Mommy makes dinner,” he said and Bill blushed.

“Why do you think that?”

“Because mommy is a girl, like Bee.”

“Fabulous parenting,” Bill muttered to himself.

“You know, girls can do a lot of things that boys can do,” he said as he put the vegetables in the fridge.

David watched him and waited for more information.

“Okay, for instance, girls can play with trucks. Josie likes to play with cars and trucks.”

“Bee loves dolls.”

Bill sighed.

“Right, but Bee likes to read books, like you.”

“Bee bootiful.”

Bill laughed.

“Josie and Tessa are beautiful, too.”


“David, that isn’t nice to say. You don’t think your sister or Tessa are beautiful?”


“Is Naomi beautiful?”


Bill was floored.

“Why do you think Bee is beautiful?”

David looked at him and Bill swore he was looking in a mirror.

“Because Bee say I look hamsom. Josie and Tessa neber say that. Naomi neber talks.”

Bill grinned at his reasoning, but he hated how his son picked up on Naomi’s issues.

“Okay then.”


Bill sat down and smiled.


“Why did you bring Josie home?”

“Well, because she is our family and we love her. Don’t you love your sister?”

“Why do we have elbows?”

Bill smiled and opened a bottle of water.

“Because if we didn’t, how would we throw a ball?”

David pretended to think about that.

“Why does mommy poop and pee out of her butt?”

Bill almost choked on his water.


“She sit down to pee and we stand. Why?”

“Maybe you should ask mommy that one,” he said. Nice one, William.

“David? Can you carry the grapes to the table?”

David smiled and took them. He walked a little and dropped them.

“Shit!” he said.

Bill held back his laughter and looked at him.

“David? That’s a very bad word. Where did you learn that?”

“Henry said it at school. He dropped someting and said Shit! I drop someting and say Shit!”

Bill rubbed his forehead and looked at his son.

“Can you not say that again? It’s a mean word and I don’t want you to be mean.”

“Okay. Is Henry mean?”

Where was Julie? Why the hell did his almost 4 year old have so many questions?

“No, Henry just didn’t know better. Maybe we can tell him to say something else?”


“Okay, good. Now let’s go watch a cartoon together.”

“Okay. I love you, daddy!” David beamed at him and reached for his hand.

Bill took his hand and felt himself become choked up.

“I love you, too, son.”


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