Round 2!

You guys are awesome! Here are the answers to the first set of questions

1. In what book did Julie first meet Bridget? What happened at the meeting? How did Bill react?

Book 6 Heaven’s Tiny Tears. Julie went without Bill’s permission and he was furious. Bridget was horrible and ripped Bill’s picture and Bill went into surgery angry with Julie.

Difficult Question

2. What was the very first flashback we read about Tommy and Jack with Julie? Which book?

Book 3 Love Endures and it has Bill and Julie dancing at the bar and Tommy and Jack watching and getting angry.

Fun Question

3. What did Julie want to do for Bill on their first anniversary? Why did it backfire?

She ordered a pole to be put in the room so she could dance for him and Bill came home early to surprise her and found a man in their bedroom. He almost shot him 🙂

New questions coming tonight!

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