What do you think?

A little preview…


Jade sat down facing Mike and turned on some music. She put the bag, the contents of which were still hidden from him, next to her and she moved to the buttons on his shirt.

“I realize that I am incredibly inexperienced when it comes to making love, but I’ve always been a quick study. I also know, when it comes to something I’m interested in, there is nothing I won’t do to absorb every detail of information I can.”

She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it aside, helping him to take it off. She smiled as she moved to unbutton his pants and she pulled them off as well, leaving him in his boxers.

“I learned that the male body has numerous erogenous zones,” she said softly. “Some are obvious,” she smiled. “And others a bit more obscure.”

She moved to take his boxers off and he lay there, completely naked and exposed, his eyes trained on her, enthralled.

“Some of the zones come from visual arousal,” she said and untied her dress, letting the material fall away. She reached up and removed her headband, causing her long hair to cascade around her shoulders.

“Some of the zones are tactile,” she said and pulled her bra off, her large breasts pert and beautiful. She took his hand in hers and ran his fingers over her nipples.

“But other zones are hidden, and it takes special attention to uncover them.”

She stood up and pulled her panties off, standing there naked before she sat down next to him again. His eyes never leaving her gorgeous form.

“To begin with, the earlobes are supposed to be incredibly sensitive,” she said and leaned into him, sucking on his earlobes before blowing against his skin. She took her time leaving no part of his ear untouched and then she moved to pay the same attention to the other, aware of his view as she did what she wanted. She felt his hands move to her breasts and she sat back.

“No touching,” she smiled. “Just let me.”

He swallowed as she moved to his shoulders and ran her hands over his strong muscles.

“Your shoulders aren’t necessarily something considered by most to be erogenous, but for me, they are incredibly sexy. The way your muscles contract and harden when you move just reminds me of the power inside of you, and that power is such a turn on,” she moved to run her hands over both of his shoulders and his upper arms.

“Your chest is another erogenous zone,” she said as she ran her fingers around his nipples, making sure she didn’t touch them. She leaned down and kissed his body all around the little buds, but never made contact. She blew on his skin and smiled as it puckered under her. She knew her hair was falling all over him and driving him crazy, too.

She looked at him and his face was full of love and intense pleasure. She moved down his body to his hips and looked up at him.

“This area is called the crease,” she said and ran her fingers over the lines on each side of his groin where his legs met his hips. She traced her index finger up and down the line and then she leaned in and ran her tongue over the same spot. She moved her hair to be sure there was no contact with his growing erection.

“One thing I read is that this part, right here, is often neglected,” she said and leaned down to stroke the inside of his thighs. “I don’t understand that, because it’s the softest and most beautiful,” she moved to run her tongue over the inside of his thighs and she felt his body respond to her.

“You’re killing me,” he said through hooded eyes as he watched her.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked with a grin.

“God no,” he smiled.

“Good, because I haven’t finished showing you what I learned.”

He grinned and lay back, trying not to have this end before both of them were ready.


To be continued….. 🙂

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