Preview Time!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry to be MIA but real life has been kicking my behind! I am finally getting my act together and I am so excited to be close to release month! I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 months since Heartbroken came out and we are a little more than a month from the release of Breaking Point.

The good news, is that I’ve been writing almost every day, so although I’ve been quiet here, the characters haven’t been asleep :).

I am happy to answer any questions you may have, especially on where we are heading with the series. Breaking Point takes us on a bit of a turn with Mike and Jade as well as Tommy and Brittany, and things will start to unravel quickly.

As always- thank you for reading and commenting and simply being a fan of these characters; my ‘family’ of characters who I have grown to adore.

And now, a sneak peek of…Breaking Point!


Chapter One:


Jade woke up and stretched as she smiled.


Today was her wedding day.


She was getting married.


She got up and looked at the other side of the bed.


Never again would she wake up alone.


Today was going to be monumental.



Stephanie woke up and couldn’t move. She began to panic until she realized her husband was laying on her. Well, at least his arm was across her torso and his leg was over hers.


“Jack?” she said softly.


He snored in response.


She grinned and moved his arm to the side before she shimmied out of the bed. She stretched and watched as he hugged her pillow and continued snoring.


“Men,” she said and walked into the bathroom to wash up.


She looked at her face in the mirror and sighed. She was worried about Brittany and Tommy. She knew how much they had on their minds and she just wanted something to be easy for them. She hoped tonight would be a nice break and maybe they could all have fun.


She went to brush her teeth when she had trouble picking up the toothbrush. She sighed and felt a sweat break out over her brow.


“Not now,” she said softly. “Just breathe and let it go. You can do it.”


She moved her fingers and sighed. She just had to work with what she could do.


“Stephanie?” Jack’s voice startled her. “You okay?”


“I’ll be right out,” she said and quickly brushed her teeth the best she could. She washed up and walked out.


“I was kissing you and when I opened my eyes it was the pillow,” he said as he pulled her into his arms.


“I see,” she grinned. “Should I be jealous?”


“Maybe. It kind of let me do whatever I wanted,” he murmured as he nibbled her neck.


“Is that right?”


“Yes,” he said as her knees felt weak from his mouth on her.


“Well I don’t recall denying you anything,” she said.


He stepped back and grinned.


“You are the best wife ever,” he said and she laughed.


He went into the bathroom and took a quick shower and she went to get dressed before getting the girls up. She felt better when her fingers moved a little better. Maybe it was just how she slept. Not everything was an issue, she reminded herself.


She put her hair up in a clip and went to wake up her daughters. She had an appointment with Jade and Julie at the beauty salon and she was going to make sure her friend had the best day ever.



Tommy woke up and smiled as Brittany was curled up against him. He was thankful she had slept all night and he prayed today would be okay. He got up to check on Naomi and make sure she was okay. He wanted Britt to sleep in longer.


Tramp followed behind him and Tommy let him out back while he went to get Naomi. He smiled at her as he walked in and she was standing in the crib.

“Hi!” she grinned.

“Hi mini red,” he said and picked her up. “Did you sleep well?”

“Hi!” she repeated.

He sighed and kissed her cheek before he changed her and got her dressed. He took her into the other room and let Tramp in before he went to check her sugar and give her breakfast.

He sat down next to the high chair and put down some cut up bananas before he pricked her arm gently and then kissed her little hand.

“You’re such a good girl,” he said as she didn’t bat an eye at the prick. He smiled at her number and got up to add more food to her table.

“You need to try and finish all of this,” he said. “You need to get a little bigger.”

“Hi!” she said as her mouth was full.

He felt his heart twist. Were they doing all they could to help her?


Bill picked up Evan and they headed over to get Mike. They were going to bring him to Bill’s house and let him get ready. Elizabeth was spending some time with Jason and Amber.

“I called him, but he didn’t answer. I figured he was in the shower,” Bill said.

“I love that Jade made him stay away last night. Liz did the same thing with me,” Evan grinned.

“Me too. I had to stay with Tommy and that was awesome,” Bill said and rolled his eyes.

Evan laughed.

“I’m sure.”

They pulled up and saw Mike’s car outside.

“Well, he’s here, so that’s good.”

They both got out and made their way to the door. Both Bill and Evan stopped as they approached.

“Do you smell that?” Bill asked.

“Call a hazmat team,” Evan said. “We need to get the building evacuated.”

“Mike?” Bill said as he dialed it in and opened the door. The smell overpowered them and they saw the mess if the apartment.

“Who are all these people?” Evan asked. There were people lying around in a drug induced stupor. Bill looked for Mike but didn’t see him.

Evan walked into the kitchen and called for Bill.

“Call an ambulance,” he said.

Bill ran in and saw Mike tied to a chair, wearing a pair of boxers, blood all over his head and his entire torso, his chest and thighs were covered with some kind of ink. They had written all over him, and the words and images were foul.

“Shit. Mike?” Bill said as he cut the ropes and Mike fell out of the chair. He looked at Evan who was on the phone with 911.

“We need to get him out of here. This place could explode,” Evan said.

Bill put Mike over his shoulder and carried him outside. Evan followed with a blanket for Mike and then looked at Bill.

“I’m going to try and get some more of them out.”

“I’ll help,” Bill said and they went in and carried out the six adults who were passed out. They tried to catch their breath as the ambulance pulled up.

They told them what they knew and Mike was loaded into an ambulance. Bill and Evan followed as Bill called Julie who was with Jade.

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