Monday Trivia

Okay… Here is a new set of questions for you! These deal with books 6-9

Question 1:

When did Brittany first remember Janet? What was her first memory of her about?

Question 2:

When did we first learn that Nate was murdered?

Question 3:

What happened to cause Bill to suffer his first PTSD episode? Where did he go and who helped him?

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Monday Trivia

  1. Question 1: John’s Funeral, Janet’s Fruity Perfume. Janet had a chance to stop what was happening the night she was attacked and she just walked away leaving her to suffer.

  2. Question 2: Brittany was under hypnosis & Janet told Barbara she was going to take care of her like she did her father the night before her last concert.

  3. Question 3: Janet kidnapped Julie & Josie in the hospital he was able to protect them he started blaming himself. Bill was sitting against a fountain & Brittany helped him.

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