Bill and Julie

Bill and Julie Kastan…Interview #3

1. What was the first thing that attracted you to each other?

Bill: I loved how she looked like she wanted to be anywhere but at the bar. I was the same way and when I looked at her, I just felt like she got me. When she sang, I was sold. I had to talk to her, no matter what.

Julie: He seemed so surprised that I would be into him. He stood there, so strong and handsome and smart and he acted like I was the most important person in the world to him. I didn’t understand that. He could have anyone and I didn’t know why he looked at me.

Bill: She always does that. She never understands her worth. (He took her hand in his). From that first moment at the bar, we’ve never looked anywhere else.

2. Bill, what was your first impression meeting Jack and Tommy?

Julie smiled: He had no idea what he was walking into.

Bill: Well, I didn’t know the extent of their relationship when I first went over and so of course, I got the wrong impression. I don’t think I said anything that actually made sense.

Julie: They tend to be a little protective of me.

Bill laughed.

Bill: You think?

3. Julie, what is the hardest thing about being an Army wife?

Bill sighed.

Julie: Obviously, I miss and worry about him when he isn’t here, but honestly, I am so incredibly proud of him. What he and his fellow soldiers do every single day is the most courageous act. What I go through at home is nothing compared to their sacrifice. I am honored to be his wife.

Bill: She is amazing. She gives me every strength I need to stay strong and make it through.

4. Bill, how was it finding out you had a sister?

Bill: Amazing. What was the best part of it was that I already knew and loved Britt. She is so much like my mom when she was younger and I wish so much that I had known about her growing up. She is such an amazing woman and friend and I am so proud of her.

Julie: It’s so weird that brother and sister married brother and sister. We have lots of stories to tell.

5. What do you both think about David’s relationship with Bee?

Julie: I love it. I love it the most because it irritates Jack.

Bill laughed.

Bill: I think my son is going to get his heart broken before he knows it, but his devotion to his little girlfriend is sweet and endearing. I hope he always looks out for her and has the kind of connection to family that we all have found.

Julie: David is a mini Bill. He will do anything to make his girl smile. He is the best of his daddy.

6. Julie, what’s the craziest thing you did growing up?

Julie: How much time do you have?

They both laugh

Julie: I hitchhiked twice before I was 15. I ‘borrowed’ Tommy’s car when he was asleep. I ran away to the cemetery more than once. I got into fights at school.

Bill stared at her

Bill: You hitchhiked twice?

Julie blushed

Julie: Only from women. I figured I could take them if I had to.

7. What’s your best and worst trait?

Bill: Worst trait is easy- I am terrified of being without my wife. She is simply everything to me. I tend to fall apart when she has any kind of problem and that isn’t the best for anyone. My best trait? I don’t know if I have one.

Julie: His ability to make my whole world better. His best trait is his heart and his compassion.

Bill: I love you.

Julie: I know.

They both laugh

Julie: My worst trait is definitely that I talk too much and have no tact. My mouth gets me into trouble a lot. My best trait? Maybe being able to always bring my brothers together. They call me the glue and I adore that. I love being the reason we are together. It’s my honor to connect such amazing people.

8. What is your wish for the future? For your children?

Julie: That they know what love is. I want them to always feel loved and wanted and I want them to know that anything they do will be okay. I want Josie to grow up and become a strong and independent woman and I want David to be a happy and well rounded man. I just want them to have a good life. I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Bill: I want to grow old with my wife and maybe even have more children. I want Josie and David to have memories and make traditions and feel the love growing up that I never did. I just want them to always feel respected and loved. I want them to never question our love for each other or our commitment to this family.


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