Here it is! More info coming soon!

Heartbroken_CS copy Heartbrokenll

What do you think?????

5 thoughts on “Here it is! More info coming soon!

  1. The title alone is breaking my heart. Why Julie? I’m devastated and shocked at this outcome. Question regarding the cover. I like it but is that the same rendition of Bill you used on A Son’s Anguish?

    1. No, he is similar 🙂 Bill has appeared now on 3 covers, Love Endures, A Son’s Anguish and now Heartbroken. They are not the same model. I have always envisioned Channing Tatum as Bill, but he’s too expensive for my cover budget 🙂

  2. I agree with technogay, I’m heartbroken for Bill! This is going to be the hardest book to get through! I’m stocking up on Kleenex!!! As far as Channing Tatum as Bill … ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!!! 🙂

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