Spoilers? Sort of :)

It’s so hard for me to choose how to give spoilers or sneak peeks. I’m sure you’ve noticed, when I give a preview, it doesn’t give anything away. Obviously, I do that on purpose. Part of that is because of the cliff hangers I employ at the end of each book.

Probably the number one complaint I receive is about the cliff hangers. Believe me, I know they are crushing, but I figure it’s good if you want to read more, right? 🙂

The issue for me is always where to end the book. I write about two books ahead of where you are reading, and the story is continuous, so I always try to pick an interesting part to end each one. This was especially hard for the ending of Our Legacy.

Jade and Mike’s relationship is really complex and unlike any of the other couples. I think individually, Jade and Mike are two people we are all still getting to know. I think on some level, Mike and Jade are learning who they are, too.

Mike fell completely and totally in love with Jade. Everything about her excites him and for the first time in his life, he felt like he could be happy- he deserved to be happy. He saw Jade as beautiful and loving and honest and incredibly important to every part of his life. He felt like he was an equal and he began to think about a life that would be full of laughter and love.

But Rebecca was still around. She was the type of evil that the family wasn’t quite used to. She had been the one to cheat. She had been the one to lie. She had betrayed every part of their union, yet she also wanted Mike to be as unhappy as she was. She never thought he would find another woman, and the way he looked at Jade was unlike any way he had ever looked at her.

Rebecca wouldn’t rest until that happiness was destroyed.

Mike didn’t know how to handle that. Jade was this beautiful spirit and Rebecca began to destroy her, bit by bit. She went after every insecurity they both had and Mike began to believe that he was being selfish by wanting her. He didn’t think he was worth it.

On the other hand, Jade was finding a part of her that she never knew existed. She was completely in love with Mike and he made her happy to be alive. He looked at her with such love and such emotion, that she felt beautiful. He touched her like she was a gift that was meant to be cherished and he loved her with a passion that took her breath away.

So much of her life had been full of loneliness and isolation. She had never been important to anyone. She had never been the one people waited for. She had never been the one men wanted.

Mike was different. He was everything she ever wanted and they were so happy.

Until Rebecca went after her again.

Until Jimmy was hurt.

Until Mike was finally destroyed.

When Mike lost Jimmy, something broke inside of him. He had basically thrown Jade out without listening to her and then he lost his chance at being Jimmy’s father. When he went into the bar, he just wanted to stop feeling. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He wasn’t thinking at all.

When he allowed that woman to hang all over him, touch him, kiss him, he felt like dirt. He believed he deserved to feel that way.

He never meant for Jade to get hurt.

He never meant any of it.

What happened next will have repercussions for all members of the family.

Bill and Mike race to find her, but when they do, what will have happened to her?

Jade will need them all, but she won’t want them.

Mike can’t fathom what he allowed to happen. This was about him. He put that look of hurt in her eyes. He destroyed her trust.

What happened next was something none of them could fathom.


The Unthinkable covers a lot of things. The aftermath of Jade’s attack is first, but so much more is still to come. Janet will finally be dealt with and Bridget, Bill and Britt’s mother, makes another appearance. Evan and Elizabeth deal with an issue from their past and ultimately, Stephanie and Jack are brought into a fight they never saw coming. The Unthinkable doesn’t simply refer to what Jade goes through, but the ending of the book, which turns the series upside down. After the end, it is impossible for the family by choice to continue as they were. Their lives are forever altered.

Thank you so much for your continued support! Do you have anything else I can answer?

And yes- I purposely left out Red and Tommy 🙂

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  1. You are the queen of cliff hangers for sure
    I have enjoyed watching mike and jade love grow
    I also love how you wrote jade body image issues
    She reminds me of my own body image struggles

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