Thank you

Thanks so much for making this a great release weekend! I hope you are all enjoying One Final Kiss.



6 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I just finished it. Wow, once again you’ve blown my mind and left me hanging on for more. How do you deal with all this going on in your mind? I’m fascinated by how your mind works. I try to think of what your next move will be but, totally get it wrong. Come on Book #11.

  2. Thank you so much! It’s hard- dealing with these characters who are always with me:) I am always thinking of ideas and coming up with ways to advance the characters in a way that makes sense to who they are. I hope you keep reading:)

  3. Just starting it love your character development I can tell you pour your
    Heart and soul into it the secret of a great witer love your passion

  4. Just finished it last night – I was anxious as the pages counted down, and can’t wait until December for your next book! The flashbacks in this one brought me to tears more than a few times!

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