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One of my most favorite things to write are the flashbacks to Jack and Tommy trying to raise Julie. This particular flashback appears in a later part of the story, but it made me laugh while writing it. I have been really bad about updating my blog, so here is a little treat.



Jack and Tommy were sitting in the family room studying for an exam when Julie bounced down the stairs. She walked into the room and stood between them.

“I need a condom,” she stated.

Both men looked at her and Tommy ran upstairs.

“Tommy, what are you doing?” She yelled after him.

“Where is he? Is he in the closet? Under the bed?” Tommy got on his hands and knees and looked for the intruder.

Jack and Julie stood in her doorway and watched him, Jack trying not to laugh and Julie fuming.

“Can we go back downstairs now?” Jack asked.

Tommy glared at his sister and they all walked back to the family room.

“Do you think if I actually had a boy in my room waiting to have sex I would come to you and ask for a condom?” Julie asked her brother, her arm crossed.

Tommy grabbed a water and took a long drink. “I can’t handle this. You’re 15 years old. I’m going to have a heart attack.”

Julie turned to Jack. “Do you have one? It occurs to me that my brother is acting like an ass because he probably hasn’t had use for one in too long.”

Jack almost burst out laughing when Tommy glared at him.

“Jules, can you tell us why you need one?” Jack asked.

“In Sex ed, we learned about the safety of birth control, which I knew, but then at lunch we were talking, and everyone knows how to handle one better than me. They said it’s important to know how to put one on something shaped like a cucumber as well as a banana. At Kathy’s sleepover this weekend we are going to practice and I don’t want my first time to be then. I need to practice.”

“Practice on what? What is Kathy’s number? I’m calling her mother right now,” Tommy stood up.

“You can’t do that or I’ll die!” Julie cried in a high-pitched squeal. “You always told me to come to you with anything and I am. I could just go find out on the street.”

Jack glanced at her. “The street? I’m fairly certain there aren’t condom lessons on every corner.”

“You both don’t understand. I’m almost 16 and I know nothing about boys. I am going to look like an idiot,” she turned and ran to her room, crying.

Jack and Tommy looked at each other.

“What the hell are we supposed to do?” Tommy asked him.

Jack ran his hand through his hair. “Show her how to use one?” He looked sick at the thought.

“But that’s like endorsing it for her. Oh, I can have sex now, because they showed me how to use a condom,” Tommy began to pace.

“So let’s go talk to her about sex,” Jack said. “Let’s tell her what she needs to know.”

Tommy took a deep breath. “You think we should?”

“I think we should,” he said and they walked upstairs.

“Julie?” Jack knocked on her door.

“Come in,” she said and they opened the door. She was lying on her bed reading.

“Can you come downstairs so we can talk?” Tommy asked. There was something about talking in her room that freaked him out.

She came downstairs with them and they all sat in the family room.

“We need to talk to you about sex,” Tommy began.

“I don’t need a sex talk. I know what happens. I just wanted to know how to put a condom on so I wouldn’t look like an idiot. You are both getting freaked out over nothing,” she sighed. “It’s just that everyone thinks because I live with two hot guys, I know everything and the truth is I know nothing because you treat me like I’m a baby. For all I know, you both could be girls.”

“Did you want us to walk around naked?” Tommy asked her.

“Gross, no,” Julie asked.

“Hot? They think we’re hot?” Jack said.

Tommy wiped his face and stared at him. “They are all 15. Is that really your barometer?”

Jack shrugged, “Point taken. So Julie, we’re here, ask us what you need to know.”

“Really?” she was surprised they were still talking to her about this.

Tommy nodded. “We’ll answer what we can.”

She played with a fuzz on her shirt. “Will it hurt?”

“Yes, so never do it,” Tommy said seriously.

Julie rolled her eyes. “I’m being serious.”

Jack looked at her and smiled. “Look, instead of the mechanics, let’s talk about the reasons behind it. When you sleep with someone, it should be because you are in love and want to share your heart with them. It should be treated as a sacred event and it should never be used because of a dare or a threat. You can never get your first time back and that means it should be something you are absolutely ready for. You should be treasured, Jules, and the man who loves you should feel like it’s his honor to be with you.”

Tommy and Julie looked at him in shock.

Jack blushed. “What? Do as I say, not as I do.”

Julie walked over and hugged him. “You’re right and I know that. You have both taught me to respect myself and I do, but in a roomful of girls, I just wanted to know how to put the condom on the banana.”

Tommy nodded and went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana. He walked back into the room and handed it to her and gave her a condom.

“Seriously?” Julie blushed.

“Go for it.” He grinned.

Julie looked at the condom and looked at the banana. She peeled the banana and put it on her lap before she opened the condom. They watched her as she tried to cover the banana and as she moved, the banana broke in half.

Should they laugh? Would they scar her for life? Both men waited and Julie looked at them and burst out laughing. They all laughed together and Julie shrugged. “Maybe I shouldn’t have peeled it?”

“Maybe,” Tommy said and they all laughed some more before Julie looked at him.

“Should I just eat it?”

“I’m going to be sick,” Tommy said and Jack and Julie burst out laughing again.

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