You are all amazing

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It is so amazing to me that the characters I have lived with for so long have meant so much to so many of you. I want to share the success I have had with all of you and have decided to gift a paperback to all of you that responded. I need to order a few more Nothing Matters and Thundering Silence so it will take a few days, but I will send them out signed and ready to be read:)

What I need you to do:

1) Send me an email at

2) In the email, please tell me your full name and address where you want the book sent.

3) Specify which book and if no preference, I will pick:)

4) Please write giveaway in the subject of the email

Also- Annette has won “A Son’s Anguish” which isn’t available for purchase at the moment

Tracy Presley won a preview copy of “One Final Kiss”

Thank you again!!! You are all wonderful:)


3 thoughts on “You are all amazing

  1. You are the amazing one & thank you again for sharing your talent for writing with us So excited I have never won anything 🙂

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