I’m around for a bit tonight if anyone has any questions about Thundering Silence…or any of the previous books…



7 thoughts on “Questions?

      1. Yes- totally. It’ s been a lot of fun exploring their relationship and to really give Brittany a connection to her past that she thought was empty. The issues Bill has had with his father growing up will come to the forefront because of certain things that they will uncover, especially after they see what is in the safe deposit box. I am really glad I decided to have Bill live. He was a character that was never supposed to be around after book 3, so I am happy you like him!

    1. I can’t give anything away, but I will say that this next book brings Jack and Stephanie full circle. Book 1 began with Jack meeting Stephanie and this book is a turning point for Jack. He has a lot to deal with and he has a daughter to consider, too. He is not the man he was years ago, and he needs to remember that. There is a lot that comes to light in the aftermath of the shooting and Jack and Stephanie aren’t the only ones affected.
      Thank you!

  1. so frustrated, first book free on bookbub, of course that got me hooked so I ordered the next 5, read all in 5 days, now No 7 not available on nook. I am having withdrawal…… Barnes and Noble need to get on the stick

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