Thoughts on Book 7 (still untitled)

Book 7 is a turning point for many characters for a lot of reasons. Without going into any spoilers, each couple is at a crossroads for unique reasons. One of the major stories to come out of book 7 is the exploration of Brittany’s attack. Certain issues come to light that make her confront the details of her attack in a way she has never done before. It is jarring for her and for Tommy, and for the readers, it will be difficult to get through.

I have always skimmed around the details of Britt’s attack. It isn’t because it’s not important, but I have tried to tell her story through her eyes, and she has never wanted that to be her defining moment. Unfortunately, she has never fully dealt with the level of trauma she suffered and it comes back to haunt her, literally. She has to dig deep into her past and see what was done, hopefully enabling her to fully heal.

The issue of sexual assault is a sensitive one, and I have always strived to give it the attention it deserves with Britt, but like any experience, it isn’t that moment that makes her who she is, but how she has survived and more importantly, thrived. Tommy’s reaction to her attack has always been incredibly important to me. Some people have written to me and told me how unrealistic he is, and that no one is that supportive. His reactions are true to his character and although maybe not completely realistic, he is who Brittany needs him to be. Sometimes, those we love can surprise us; in amazing ways.

Tommy is flawed. He is a hot head and he is fiercely protective. He acts without thinking at times and puts his own needs behind those he loves. Brittany is much the same way. They are truly made for each other and the journey they take through book 7 will be one of necessity and one of discovery. Their family is fragile and it needs their full attention, but ultimately, they need to be whole people; independent of their union. Naomi needs them to be healthy and their family will need them desperately.

Questions? I would love to hear what you’re looking forward to reading.

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