Jack is the character that begins the series, and therefore, he holds the burden of setting the tone. When we first meet Jack, he is joking with Tommy and performing a surgery that is delicate and intense and because of him, successful. We also learn that for all of his success, he is lost, personally, and he needs something to believe in. He needs to know his purpose.

When Jack steps onto the hospital roof, the furthest thing from his mind is finding anyone. When he see’s Stephanie on the ledge, it is as if he is seeing himself, and he worries that if he can’t save her, perhaps he himself is as lost. Stephanie represents outwardly, what Jack feels inwardly and by helping her, he discovers the man he always hoped to be.

Jack is kind and handsome; sensitive and caring; intelligent and funny; compassionate and brave. He loves Stephanie and Sabrina more than life itself, and his history with Tommy and Julie make him truly a member of their family. I adore writing Jack because of his vulnerability and his ego. He deals with what life throws at him with grace and challenges those around him to be more. His respect for Stephanie and the struggles she faces dealing with a career and Multiple Sclerosis just makes him love her even more and he is honored to stand with her.

Jack is the anchor. He holds people accountable for their actions and he loves fiercely. He is a family man in the truest sense and he came from the opposite. His relationship with Ron is something I have enjoyed writing because it shows growth in his character; to welcome his father back into his life and allow his daughter to get to know her grandpa.

I think there is more to Jack that can be discovered, and although he has yet to face a real health crisis with Stephanie, when he does, it will be interesting to see how he rises to the occasion.

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